Yale’s Archives

Yale’s University manuscripts & Archives / Digital Images Database got a huge and impressive pictures collection.

Go check’em There are more online.

Crazy archives & Great styles!

[Yale Golf Team, intercollegiate champions.] (1910)

[Yale varsity golf team, intercollegiate champions, 1909] Source.

[Yale varsity golf team, 1929]

[Yale varsity golf team, 1907]

[1899-1900 Yale hockey team.] Source.

[1901 Yale gymnastics team]

[1921 Yale tennis team]

[1925 Yale polo team]

[Amos Alonzo Stagg, B.A. 1888, and Jesse C.Dann, PhB 1888.]

[Harvard University football team, 1898.]

Camp, Walter, Pps Manuscripts & Archives, Yale University

[Jonathan Edwards College tennis team]

[University of Pennsylvania football team, 1890s]

[Yale College crew team of 1886 wearing striped blazers.]

[Yale football team, 1901.]

Pictures of Yale athletics, ca. 1850-1980 (inclusive). Manuscripts & Archives, Yale University.


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