[Family ] Grand Pa’ – Part.1

Antonio Dal Torrione arrived in Nice, France in 1881 with his wife (Marie Valsuani)

They were Italians coming from Camaiore  (Tuscany).

His surname was changed to a french one (Antoine) when Nice (France) became French again but they always kept the Italian nationality (they had a resident permit all their life).

As he was able to read, he get a job in a Oilmill factory in Villefranche sur mer (close to Nice).

Their son Jules was born in Nice (France) on September 23, 1885.

Jules had a son name André in 1913.

Jules passed away on Oct 12 th 1918 (back from Germany / WWI where he has been made war prisonner he caught the spanish fever).

[Jules dal Torrione, at his Red Cross Manager office, Oct. 4, 1916]

1918, my grandfather (André) became a “Pupille de la nation” (child in care).

In 1925 he entered Lycée Massena in Nice (school) and his grandfather Antonio died.

[My grandfather wearing the black armband in mourning of his grandfather Antonio, 1925, Nice]

Aged 16 he get his highschool french diploma (Baccalauréat) and started to work aged 17 while his catering school studies.

 -1930 – 1931 as an Apprentice waiter at “l’Hotel Continental”, Nice (France).

– June 1931 as an Apprentice waiter at “l’Hôtel Negresco”, Nice (France).

– Aug- Sept. 1931 as 2nd chief / Reception desk at “Le Grand Hôtel de la Poste”, Gerardmer.
– December 1931 – April 1932  as a Cost control assistant at “l’Hôtel Majestique”, Nice (France).
– May – October 1932 as an Accountant assistant at “l’Hôtel Provencal”, Juan Les Pins (France).

– Oct 1932- June 1933 as an Accountant at “l’Hôtel Provencal”, Juan Les Pins (France).

– March 1rst – September 1934 as an Accountant at “l’Hôtel Provencal”, Juan Les Pins (France).

Then he went for his military service from Nov 1934 – Sept. 1935 as an Italian interpreter in the Navy Ministry in Paris (France).

[My grandfather wearing a sailor costume, 1916?]

After the army, he get back to work, this is what I call “The Great Years”:

– Dec. 30 1935 / Dec. 31 1973 : Hotel Martinez.

[My grand father in the 50’s, Hotel Martinez, Cannes/France.]

He joined the Hotel Martinez in 1935, aged 22.

First as a cashier, then Chief/Reception desk, to Co-Director, and finally Director from October 1rst 1944 to December 1973, date he prefered to leave for some political reasons.

[My grand father in the mid 40’s, Italy]

He get married in 1936 to Charlotte Emilienne Hugand (my grandmother).

I will certainly post some beautiful pictures of her wearing dresses with style.

He had two daughters, Claude in 1938, and Jacqueline (my mom) in 1941.


Personal Note:

My grandfather is definitely the perfect definition of the word “Respect” I had in my whole life.

Honest, in his everyday life and job.

I remember going outside with him for long walks, he was ever dressed with elegance even if it was with a leisure suit.

I was fascinated  when we were having lunchs in these nice restaurants he was used to go:

He was explaining me the way waiters were supposed to work following the catering rules, why it was right, or wrong, how they should have served this or that, open a bottle, speak… everything.

But it was never disrespectful.

He was always nice with all those young guys and he never missed to leave a great tip, by respect of the hard work they were doing and in wich he knew the rules by heart.

Everywhere he was bringing me (Restaurants, great places like the Eden Roc, etc…), everybody knew him, but he was always humble and never used his name as a “magic pass”, never.

This is the definition of being a real gentleman for me.

I will ever keep him in my heart.

This is why I would really appreciate people who may want to share my family pictures on their blog(s), to keep the watermaking in place and add a source link below.

Thank you.