[Celeb’of the day] Vincent Price

Talking about somking the pipe…

Here is a classy picture of Vincent Price with a corn one:


Magnifique Smoke

According to historians, Native americans where the first to smoke the pipe (for a ceremonial use).

But it’s more since ancient times in fact.

Exported from the U.S by the explorers during the 16th century (as the Tobacco), it became another smoking alternative for people.

(Some history on Wiki)

If some people are still used to think that smoking pipe is a sailor or countryman thing,

Here are some nice stuff below to make them rethink the question.

Puffing on a pipe is an art form too.

Puffing or refilling give you a serious style and give you access to serenity.

Smoking the pipe is located in another time space : Sometime curved, sometime straight, Corned, woody, etc.

It’s sending you to a time travel.

You are now sitting in your armchair as a pilot in his spaceship.

Country Gentleman Corn Cob:

The “newbie” one has its classy touch finally:


“GG” Cabrio pipe


James Norman Black & Tan


Medico Standard Filter


Peterson Kapet


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